Karen and Dog Clients

Off Leash Group Walks

Designed to give your dog both a mental and physical workout with tons of playtime! Small groups with a maximum of 8 dogs, allow for lots of individual attention.

  • $25.00 / 1 Walk a Week
  • $20.00 / More than 1 Walk a Week
    • Additional dog from same household is $10.00

Private Walks

Our private walks are great for dogs that need more attention, have poor recall, are aggressive to other dogs, or are not spayed or neutered. These walks are also great for seniors or puppies that can’t keep up with our group walks.

  • On leash Private 1 Hour $40.00 / walk
  • On leash Private 1/2 Hour $20.00 / walk
    • Additional dog from same household is $10.00 / walk

Puppy Visits

We will give your puppy a little break in the middle of the day. For 15 minutes we will let out your puppy for a bathroom break and some play time. We can also work on some requested commands if you would like.

  • $15.00 / 15 minute visit
  • $30.00 / 30 minute visit with a walk

Let Outs – Afternoon

We will stop in around lunchtime in the middle of the day to let out your dog for a bathroom break and insure that they are fed, watered, and given some love and attention. Great for the older dog or the dog that knows it will get a walk with their owner when they get home from work.

  • $15.00 / 15 minute visit ( per household with a maximum of 2 dogs)
  • $ 5.00 / for each additional dog after 2

Dog Sitting – Live Out

We will arrive at your house early in the morning to let your dog out, feed and water them. We will return in the late afternoon to let them out and feed them and water them. We will return for a late night visit to let them out one last time and tuck them in for the night.

  • $50.00 / Day
  • $60.00 / Day includes 2 x 15 minute walks around the neighborhood